Before you buy, Trade with

Private Currency Exchange

Buying | Selling | Trade with fellow business owners

Easy to join!

NO monthly fees!

As long as you are willing to barter

By reinvesting your earned TradeonBarter Bills to trade with any vendor in the group

Joining TRADEONBARTER is a great way to:

Marketing, Advertise, Network and Build Relationships with other business owners!

Buying | Selling | Swapping with other business owners has amazing compounding results.

Increase business easily by 10% or more.

Plus, you can help TRADEONBARTER grow and get 25% more spending power which can equate to an additional 25% PROFIT on your next project by using TOB Vendors.


Other TradeonBarter Member benefits:

Generates sales/profits with faster inventory and service-hour turnover

Creates new customers by bringing together parties who may refer others

Moves surplus stock | fill vacancy | maximize profit by: infilling calendar openings or empty seating or any loss opportunities

Eliminates additional advertising and deep discounts

Alternative to Pro-Bono work

Unprecedented exposure to potential new customers through brokers dealings and the TRADEONBARTER platform and its additional marketing and advertising.

Have you heard of "crowd funding"?  This is like 'crowd funding on barter'.

Let our brokers work for you.

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